Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2014 Missouri Tartan Day Photo Report

April 6th, 2014. - Missouri Tartan Day is an annual event celebrating the Scottish American culture in the greater St. Louis area. This year it was celebrated on 4th, 5th and 6th April. I got to know about the event only at the last minute and despite it being it midday on a bright cloudless day (getting any decent pictures at an outdoor event under the harsh sun light is a painful challenge) I decided to check it out. The lure of finding some folks in period costumes and Scottish dancers seemed enough to justify the trek.

It helped that the event was happening in not to far away Frontier Park in St. Charles. Though it's only a few miles from my place I rarely have ever crossed over the Missouri River to the St. Charles side. I don't know why but just never seemed to have had any good reason to go over that side, strange. And strange it felt indeed once I landed in old St. Charles, the brick-paved streets, historic looking buildings,  kind of touristy but charming never the less. Certainly something that is now on my mind to revisit and explore.

Back to the festivities, as expected the harsh sunlight made it really difficult to get keepers, below are a few selected photographs. You can check out the gallery for more.

Link to full picture gallery:   2014 Missouri Tartan Day Photo Gallery

2014 Missouri Tartan Day Photo

2014 Missouri Tartan Day Photo

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